Expedite Your Last Minute Travel Plans Through A Passport Agency

Before 2009, it was possible to depart and re-enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, Panama, Bermuda and some Caribbean countries using only a valid birth certificate or driver’s license. Due to heightened security issues, however, all people leaving and returning to the United States must now carry a valid passport. If an unexpected or unplanned foreign trip becomes urgent, a regional passport agency can help with rush requests.

Online Forms

The application forms are readily available on line for printing. All applicants, regardless of time considerations, must be able to present proof of citizenship in the form of an original birth certificate as well as having the correct type of photo. Those enjoying enough lead time for regular processing usually present their completed forms to a local acceptance facility.

Time It Takes

A four to six-week wait is common. This poses no problem for travelers having plenty of time to plan ahead, but is not ideal in many rush situations. It is possible, however, to speed up the process by going directly to a regional center. These facilities have the ability to immediately approve an application and to present a finished document more rapidly.

Acceptance Facilities

There are real differences between a local acceptance office and a regional agency. The acceptance office may be closer to home and is ideal for most standard requests. It will also work with fee-based professional expediting services. By contrast, a regional office is equipped to handle time-constrained emergency requests much more rapidly than standard processing guidelines allow.

Regional Facilities

Within the U.S., there are thirteen official regional agencies with locations and toll-free numbers readily available on line. In addition to physically creating the documents, one of their primary functions is to serve customers with urgent travel needs. While there are no absolute guarantees, many people are able to get a completed passport on the same day as their appointment.

Proof Of Travel

Rush customers must provide proof that international travel is scheduled in two weeks or less. This proof may be a copy of an on-line airline ticket or even a fully paid-for travel itinerary from a travel agent. The toll-free local number helps callers set up an appointment, but only will do so for those who must leave in less than 14 days.

Set Up The Appointment

Callers receive a confirmation number for their individual appointment. At that designated time an applicant must present regulation photos as well as the standard proofs of citizenship. Fill out the forms in advance, taking care to avoid any mistakes. Payment is also required at that time, so check the official website for current costs. Be prepared to undergo a stringent security check when entering these government buildings.

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