Small Business Idea – Start a Personal Chef Business

When it comes to cooking you have three different categories of people; those who love it, those who hate it, and those who prefer to pay someone else to do it for them! Americans spend more on fast food and take out than any other industrialized nation – and the scales are proof of this! Is cooking your passion? Do friends and family constantly brag on how tasty your dishes are? If so – the personal chef business may be the ideal start up for you!

For the amount that the average person wastes on fast food in a month, they could hire a personal chef to prepare weeks worth of nutritious delicious meals! If the personal chef industry is something that you’re seriously considering as a business start up, there are several things that you need to keep in mind:

1. Know your state and county laws: A personal chef will usually prepare meals at the clients location of choice, but there is a growing trend of personal chefs who prepare at their own location – and deliver meals. Generally speaking, each state has it’s own set of laws that are applied to food service businesses. Depending on the type of services provided, the business must meet certain criteria. Some states do not allow home based food service businesses (ones where you will prepare meals in your own home) while others require certification. These laws are referred to as Cottage Laws. Just call your state’s commerce department and inquire about their cottage laws or food service preparation business laws.

2. You are more than a chef!: As a personal chef you will do more than whip up tasty meals, you will often service as a family meal planner and grocery shopper! Diversify your recipe repertoire to accommodate a wide range of tastes and styles. You should also familiarize yourself with the best places to shop and save. You will want to cook with the best cuts of meats and most fresh vegetables, so make friends with butchers and farmers where possible.

3. Define your specialty: Although you will want to have a wide range of recipes in your menu offerings – it’s a good idea to define a specialty to attract a specific type of client. Perhaps authentic Italian is where you excel, or maybe you are an expert in preparing gluten free meals. Whatever your specialty, be sure to highlight that fact on your services brochure!

4. Don’t forget the special needs!: In order to be a success, you will want to familiarize yourself with the various special dietary needs. From diabetes to gluten free to vegan and beyond – the most sought after personal chefs know how to make the best meals for every diet need!

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